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Our Expertise

  • Our Forte: Insolvency Law

    Bankruptcy, sometimes stigmatized, is also a chance and a challenge: the chance to regroup in the wake of crisis and the challenge to recognize crisis before it can strike. Our insolvency administrators assist you in assessing and consolidating your position, and that with several decades of collective experience.

  • Commercial Law: Covering all Bases

    Entrepreneurship requires tenacity and diligence as much as creative responses to changing economical situations. To ensure your success you need legal partners at eye level: precise, resourceful and as dedicated to your next project as you are. We provide the necessary support, from idea to implementation, because we understand that results stand or fall with the detail of it.

  • Labour Law: Strategy, Communication, Enforcement

    Management, unions, workers’ council and employees will not always find an accord. Strategic planning and adequate communication of the required labour law measures help to avoid unnecessary conflict. Where they cannot, legal assertion needs to provide the necessary balance between the positions of entrepreneurship and labour as the basis of livelihood. On this field, we support you in your individual concern, but also with any question relating to bankruptcy and financial rehabilitation.

  • Banking and Capital Markets Law: A Balance between Profit and Risk

    Realistic counseling will help to identify risk rather than focusing on potential gain. We can afford to be impartial.

  • Family, Tenancy, the Car: Keeping Private Private

    We all hope to keep our home a place of retreat. Legal problems arising outside of the workplace can be particularly conflictual, because they thwart this expectation. We offer a solution-based approach – conciliatory if possible, contentious if necessary – to ensure swift results as well as your privacy.